Scrimp Vs. Splurge - The Beauty Edition


Scrimp Vs. Spluge, The Beauty Edition

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I really enjoy beauty and makeup like most girls my age, but I used to have a bad habit of only buying 'higher end' products because I mistakenly thought that the higher price would mean higher quality. Most of my disposable income would go on beauty products, I really wanted to change this so I started to see if I could find any dupes for my most reached for beauty favourites.
Nowadays, I hardly ever buy 'high end' beauty products as you can pretty much guarantee that there is a high street dupe available. Not only do I get the satisfaction of finding a great product I also get the added bonus of a serious amount of money saving! If I had purchased all of the high end products it would have set me back £125, but by purchasing the high street alternative I can save a MASSIVE £104.03! Yep, you read that right, the total of all the high street beauty products comes to a very purse friendly £20.97.

MUA Radiance Concealer (£3.00) Vs. YSL Touche Eclat (£25.00)
Although the MUA radiance concealer isn't as brightening as the infamous Touche Eclat, for the tiny price of £3, I'm seriously happy to use it as an alternative. It gives my tired eyes a nice lift and the applicator is almost identical to YSL. Granted, the packaging is nowhere near as luxurious but for a total saving of £23.00 I really don't mind!

MUA Heaven & Earth Palette (£4.00) Vs. Urban Decay Naked Palette (£38.50)
The Naked Palette is the holy grail of eyeshadows, but at £38.50 I feel it's just not worth the money - especially when you can get MUA's Heaven & Earth Palette for only £4.00. The colours are very, very similar to those in the original Naked Palette and although they are a little chalky in texture and there can be a fair bit of fallout when applying, the pigmentation and staying power is amazing. The total saving for making the switch is a whopping £34.50.

Maybeline Baby Lips (£2.99) Vs. Benefit Lollibalm (£14.50)
I was almost a little ashamed of myself when I originally purchased Benefit's Lollibalm, although it is a gorgeous colour - essentially all it is is a very lightly tinted lip balm. The colour payoff isn't amazing, but is buildable. A fantastic alternative is Maybeline's Baby Lips, this is exactly the same product, a lip balm with a sheer wash of colour, perfect for adding moisture and a subtle hint of colour. The saving of £11.51 just shows how overpriced the high end version really is.

Rimmel Lasting Finish Foundation (£7.99) Vs. Estee Lauder Doublewear (£30.00)
If you switch only one item from your high end makeup bag, this should be the one. I am in love with Rimmel Lasting Finish Foundation, it offers medium to high coverage that really stays in place. One of it's selling points is that it's supposed to stay in place for up to 25 hours, that seems a little excessive to me but I find it stays looking fresh through a busy day at work and requires minimal touch ups. The only downside is that it's only available in a total of 6 shades compared to Estee Lauder's incredible 42 but with a saving of £22.01 you could even purchase two shades and mix them and that's still half the price of one bottle of Doublewear!

Collection Blusher (£2.99) Vs. Clinique Cheek Pop (£17.00)
Although this isn't an exact dupe, it's one I'd highly recommend, firstly because it'd save you £14.01 just to start. I think that there is simply no need to spend £17.00 on just one blusher. The collection blushers are highly pigmented and last really well, they are available in 4 different shades and at £2.99 you could buy the whole shade range for less than the price of 1 blusher from Clinique.

I couldn't believe that I'd saved £104 just by making these switches and that's just from five high end products. There were so many more examples I could think of and I am going to cover these in another post.
Have a look through your makeup bag, I bet you'd be surprised by the savings you could make!

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  1. Some make-up is so expensive but there is almost always a very good highstreet dupe!

    1. I know, some things border on ridiculous! Thank goodness for the high street :) x

  2. Thanks for the post!! great read

    1. Thank you, really glad you enjoyed it! x

  3. I do love finding products that are inexpensive but comparable to more expensive brands, thank you for your ideas. I like Maybelline color tattoos as I find them quite comparable to Mac paintpots. (but some colours are much better than others)

    1. Ooh that's a great one! I agree with you about certain colour being better than others xx


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